Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families May NEVER Have Healthy Relationships Without Addressing These Core Problems…

Revolutionary 6-Week Self-Paced Program helps you break free from your dysfunctional family grip, heal the damage & discover your true SELF in relationships and life.

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There Is a Deeper, Hidden Problem Causing Your Relationship Issues 

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: 

When you experience these feelings, it’s not because there’s something “wrong” with you. 

Unfortunately, the root cause is deeper and even hidden. 

It’s the reason you might feel you’ve made progress… 

…only to find yourself stuck in the similar patterns the next day. 

You see, even if you’ve had breakthroughs, you’ll always end up right back where you started because… 

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Your Core Problem Still Hasn’t Been Resolved 

And because of your family programming, it's almost impossible to spot on your own.

But it’s the reason why even as an adult, the impacts of your childhood and family dysfunction are still affecting your life and your relationships.

So you still feel uncontrollably reactive and unsettled about family and close relationships...

And why the moment you challenge the way you interact in your relationships, your wheels spin in the mud…

…even though you really want it to be different…

It’s why 10, 20, 30 years later you’re STILL struggling to know who you really are

And even if you’ve gone to counseling many times... 

Helping people heal & get unstuck from family dysfunction for over 45 years


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Hi There, 

Do you find yourself struggling to stay emotionally detached in your relationships?

Is it a challenge to know who you really are?

Have you tried many different approaches but you still find yourself caught up in unhealthy patterns and situations?

If you have, what I’m about to say may be uncomfortable.

But you need to hear it.

If you grew up in a dysfunctional household, there’s a much higher risk that…

100% Moneyback Guarantee

100% Moneyback Guarantee

You find it difficult to set boundaries in situations where you feel guilty or responsible for others' feelings.

You're worried you won’t break the cycle and you will pass dysfunctional relationship patterns on to your children.

You want to know how to be yourself, even when family and others don't like it or even resist it.

You want to stop being reactive in your relationships.

You want to trust yourself in relationships.

Often Therapy Doesn’t Even Come Close to Fixing Your Core Problem

You could spend years of your life and thousands of dollars in therapy.  

But still feel that little has changed.

Because unhealthy and enmeshed relationships are NOT the cause of your problems, but only the symptom.

That's why you can work hard in therapy and you still find yourself drowning in a sea of pain, anxiety, guilt, and shame in your relationships.

Because what you learned as a child, this recurring problem, is part of your relationship blueprint you got from your family of origin.

Unfortunately, other healing programs aren’t much help either because…

Many Programs Only Offer “Quick Fix” Solutions 

They don’t teach you about self-differentiation.

But offer band-aid remedies to navigating broken relationship dynamics and recovering from a dysfunctional upbringing.

And just like many therapists, they never accurately address the hidden core issues that are unique for adult children of narcissists, alcoholics or emotionally immature families.

So eventually, your problems come right back.

Because not all change is real change.

But It’s Never Too Late to Become Your Real Self  

Imagine a life of clarity, peace and self trust appearing before your eyes.

The uncontrollable reactivity and patterns you've found yourself in again and again disappear.

Instead, you start to look forward to the future.

The world seems calmer, hopeful and more in your control.

Even if dysfunctional or immature others never change.

You take command of your own life, and you don’t need anyone else to give you permission.

You see, it all becomes possible when you know why you’ve been struggling all these years…

As a Child From a Dysfunctional Family, You Never Received the EMOTIONAL Ability to Navigate Your Relationships in a Healthy and Self Differentiated Way

The blueprint you were given for relationships is built on dysfunction.

The childish, immature, narcissistic ways your parents acted when you were a child have been imprinted into your own behavior.
You’ve learned to tune into other people’s needs and wants, before you can tune into your own.

That’s why “being yourself” doesn’t work, why you feel lost in the relationship fog.

You never learned the right balance between being YOURSELF and allowing others to be themselves.

You didn’t get the memo…but it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to have a normal relationship because you don't know what normal FEELS like or how to make it part of who you really are.

That’s why I created this program.

Your New Road to SELF: Break free from your dysfunctional family grip, heal the damage & discover your true SELF in relationships and life.  

In this 6-week program, you'll get the tools, insight and guidance you need to overcome the deep rooted effects of your dysfunctional family & discover your true SELF in relationships and life.


45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s what you’ll get in this 6-module, self-paced program:

Uncover the deep rooted impacts of a growing up in a dysfunctional household, including those resulting from a narcissistic, alcoholic, abusive or emotionally immature family environment.

Break free from family-of-origin toxic dynamics and enmeshment.

Overcome the emotional and psychological damage.

Recover your real self and discover who you really are.

Take control of your own healing and find inner resilience, peace, and calmness.

Your New Road to SELF

Break free from your dysfunctional family grip, heal the damage & discover your true SELF in relationships and life! 

Get 12 Month Access for $1399 

Get immediate access and get your new road to SELF for only $1399 until June 17th.

You’re ready to do the work of healing, but you need guidance navigating becoming the self differentiated person you want to be.

For the Last 45 Years, I’ve Helped 1000s of People in the Same Situation as You… 

As a self-differentiation and relationship systems coach, I use my knowledge to help clients permanently get unstuck from family dysfunction and find a true sense of self.

Many of my clients say I’ve done more to help them in three sessions than in a full year with a traditional therapist.

If your relationships have been unhealthy for a long time and you don’t know what to do, please enroll in this program and start changing your life today.

Jerry T. Wise, MA, MS, CLC 

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45-days Money Back Guarantee

45-days Money Back Guarantee 

What Our Clients Say 

  • More Effective Than 30+ Years of Therapy

    I cannot recommend this program enough. After over 30 years of traditional therapy with multiple therapists, I can confidently say that this program has done more for me than any of those sessions combined. Jerry's expertise and understanding of discovering who you really are apart from toxic family dynamics is unparalleled.


  • Astonishing growth in such a short time

    Jerry's program has transformed my family's life, and I'm incredibly grateful. We were struggling with familial enmeshment issues stemming from narcissistic family dynamics and needed guidance to overcome them. I am astonished at how much growth we have experienced in such a short amount of time.


  • Space to be me in a really dysfunctional family & environment

    This is the most powerful, impactful work you will ever encounter. I have space to be me in a really dysfunctional family & environment. I never thought this level of calmness and connectedness to myself was even possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jerry


  • One of my best investments in my 60+ years.

    Before joining the program, I read testimonials on the website and hoped they were genuine testimonials from actual people. I can assure future participants that we are all real people. The benefits of participating in the program will enhance the entirety of my life, a life I now see lived with confidence, courage, and self-differentiation. Thank you, Jerry.


  • Wish I had access to this program earlier in my life

    The program has provided me with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to move past my painful past despite a very dysfunctional family background and I am loving discovering who I truly am. If you are looking for a transformative experience that can help you overcome your struggles efficiently, then this is it.


  • The most powerful program i’ve done

    I’ve done many programs in my life and 4 in the past year only, this has been the most powerful program i’ve done so far. I’ve been following Jerry’s videos for a while, but I was skeptical what additional value I would get in the program. The value was way beyond my expectations.


How is the program delivered and structured?

The program is designed to fit seamlessly into your own schedule. You'll receive access to 6 modules over 6 weeks, each packed with powerful insights, practical tools, and engaging exercises. This self-paced approach allows you to tailor the program to your unique challenges, progress at your own pace, and work towards achieving the specific outcomes you signed up for.

How long do I have access to the program for?

You have access to the program for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you purchased the program as part of the pre-launch, the 12 months begin at the date of launch. Although this is a 6-week program I want to give you the flexibility to do the work at your own pace and even repeat it if you feel the need. This extended access allows you to fully immerse yourself in the content and get the most out of the program.

Is there a full refund policy for the program?

Absolutely! I offer a no-risk, 45-day money-back guarantee. I am confident that my program will provide you with the tools and insights you need to transform your relationships and your life. If you don't find that the program helped you, I'll refund your full investment with no questions asked.

Why is this program more expensive than others I've seen online?

This program is the culmination of 45+ years of experience helping thousands of people overcome the impacts of unhealthy family dynamics and discover their true selves. Many clients didn't even have the opportunity to access all of this knowledge due to the limited time setting of traditional therapy sessions. By participating in my program, you'll save yourself years of therapy, thousands of dollars, and countless painful relationships. I believe that this program is a valuable investment in yourself and your growth, and I am confident that the value you'll receive will far exceed the cost.

How is this program different from other online programs?

Unlike other programs, we offer a core healing solution to deep-rooted problems unique to those from unhealthy households, helping you fix the "engine" rather than just giving you "gas." Led by Jerry, an expert with over 45 years of experience, the program provides practical tools and resources that are not available elsewhere. With Jerry's unique approach, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of your issues and discover self-differentiated ways of functioning that help you manage all realms of your life better. Our program offers unparalleled value, making it the best choice for those looking to break free from unhealthy family dynamics and become their true selves.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Family Awareness: Your Dysfunctional Family 'SUPERSELF'

In this first module, you’ll increase your understanding of your family dynamics and break free from your predetermined role within the family.
You'll learn how to identify and eliminate toxic beliefs, emotions and behavior patterns that have been influenced by your family's programming.  

Additionally, this module will help you address issues such as shame, guilt, childhood trauma, anger, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, abandonment, and neglect.  

You’ll work towards becoming your real SELF and getting unstuck from the dysfunction in your family.

The ‘Family Glue’ Tool: Understand how your dysfunctional family's "superself" is keeping you stuck and how to break free from it. Learn to recognize your family’s limited reality and build a life outside of it.


The ‘Anxiety Pinging Detector’ Tool:  Learn how to identify when dysfunction is "pinging" you and discover strategies for managing situations with high anxiety and reactivity. You'll learn how to resist being pulled down to a dysfunctional level, and reduce the pain and control of anxiety in your life and relationships.

The ‘Family Emotional Inheritance’ Tool:  Identify the issues that need to be addressed in your family, and overcome the ones that have been passed onto you from family imprinting. You'll learn how to start being different from your family's emotional inheritance.


Setting Your SELF Up to Thrive: Get the Relationship Map You Never Got Growing Up

In module two, you’ll learn about the hidden forces at play in relationships, how to recognize the signs of emotional enmeshment and how to detach from enmeshed relationships in order to be your true self. 

Additionally, you'll be trained to prevent other people's dysfunctions from impacting you and directing your life. 

The ‘Tennis Net’ Tool: A practical tool to help you internalize the subtle dance of healthy relationships and how to stay out of enmeshed dynamics and situations. Learn to navigate difficult relationships where you are in charge of you, without needing to be in charge of them.


‘Observe the Family-Superself’ Tool: Learn to easily step outside of the family reactivity, develop a greater sense of objectivity and stay non-reactive, especially in highly-charged emotional dynamics.

The ‘Intentional Under-Functioning’ Tool: Reduce stress and gain a stronger sense of self by stopping to overfunction in your relationships. This tool will help you reject taking responsibility for others' excessive needs and emotional immaturities, allowing you to prioritize what is right for you without guilt or shame.


Family Detachment: Outgrow Dysfunctional Family Thinking and Feeling

In this module, you'll learn to recognize and differentiate between your authentic thinking and feelings, and those that were programmed into you as a way to maintain the balance in your family.
Get practical tools to finally take charge of your REAL emotions without being overwhelmed by others' toxic feelings and reactions. Free yourself from the chains of guilt, shame, and anxiety as you learn to trust your own thoughts and feelings, and let go of toxic beliefs that are keeping you stuck. 

The ‘True Feelings vs System’s Feelings’ Tool: As an adult child of a dysfunctional family, this tool will guide you to differentiate between feelings that you should explore and those you should ignore because they were programmed into you by your family. By using this tool, you will experience significant reductions in feelings of guilt, shame, and chronic anxiety. You’ll reclaim control over your emotional life.


‘Feel-Think Awareness’ Tool: Reduce reactivity from others and gain greater detachment, leading to a stronger sense of self. You will learn to identify enmeshment from others and how it affects you, allowing your values and beliefs to dictate your actions and behavior.

‘Cooperating with Self vs Other Healing’ Tool: This tool is designed to promote self-healing by helping you grow and heal, even in the face of resistance or non-cooperation from others. Additionally, you will gain the skills to be non-impacted by other people’s limitations, immaturities and dysfunction.


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Resisting Resistance and Building Emotional Resilience

In module four, you’ll learn to recognize your patterns of emotional reactivity and stop reacting in your relationships. You'll steer clear of maturity detours that cause long-term anxiety and pain.

You'll understand the stages of resistance and use them to strengthen emotional resilience, build your emotional backbone, self-belief, and self-confidence.You’ll stand firm in the face of dysfunction and strong resistance.

You'll release inherited coping mechanisms for dysfunction, develop healthy response habits rooted in your authentic self, and assert yourself clearly, rather than attempting to change others.

The ‘Living at 90 Degrees’ Tool:  This practical tool will help you remain neutral, objective, and self-differentiated in intense situations or relationships. It equips you to calmly stay true to yourself while resisting enmeshed or unhealthy dynamics.


The ‘Predicting Resistance’ Tool:  This tool will help you master anticipating resistance or opposition in a situation, allowing you to prepare and potentially adjust your behavior accordingly. In addition, you will learn to healthily manage dysfunctional dynamics in difficult relationships, without needing to negotiate your boundaries or losing yourself in the situation.

The ‘Downsides of the Good Thing’ Tool: This tool is a powerful solution for adult children of dysfunctional families who have felt trapped and helpless for too long. By using this tool, you will get unstuck from chronic feelings of anxiety, guilt, shame, and enmeshment, and achieve clarity and control over your situation and sense of self.


Self-Differentiation & Consistently Being Your Real SELF

This module is designed to help you move beyond the limitations of your family's dysfunction and finally understand who you truly are in relationships and life. 

Use self differentiation to develop a solid sense of self, build inner confidence and self-trust, no matter what others expect from you.
The module will equip you with the tools to establish strong and effective boundaries, learn healthy responses to boundary violations, learn who you really are and maintain your true self in all situations and relationships.

The ‘SELF Focus’ Tool: Outgrow enmeshed patterns and ways of thinking by learning how to focus on yourself rather than others. Master the art of asking ‘self-focused’ rather than ‘other-focused’ questions to change how you participate in enmeshed dynamics and make your problems easier and more practical to solve.


The ‘Defining Internal Boundaries’ Tool: This tool will help you develop effective and real boundaries that stick, as well as healthy resistance and responses to boundary violations. Learn to detach in a healthy way, reduce others’ ability to trigger you, and make having clear boundaries your first nature.

‘My Reactivity Triggers’ Tool: This tool will help you take control of your emotional patterns and become less reactive to others’ immaturities and limitations.

The ‘Self Differentiation Circuit Breaker’ Tool: Master the art of handling the most difficult relationships and situations with healthy resistance and with ease. With practical, effective responses, you'll be able to maintain your sense of self, stay self-differentiated, and assert your boundaries, even in the face of strong resistance from others.


Navigating Intimacy, Healthy Connection & Self Differentiated Relationships 

In the final module, you'll learn what it looks like to be healthy in your relationships and in your life. This includes developing a non-reactive and non-anxious connectedness, as well as understanding what healthy intimacy and attachment looks and feels like.
Finally, you’ll discover how to attract healthy people, cultivate healthy relationships and make them your new norm.

The ‘Defining Connectedness’ Tool: This tool will help you define and choose the relationships that are healthy for you. Enhance your relationship management skills in the face of personal and interpersonal limitations and imperfections. Let go of unrealistic relationship expectations inherited from your dysfunctional family and build genuine self-trust in navigating relationships.


The ‘Connecting Despite Differences’ Tool:  Practice healthy connection with others and shift from bounding solely based on similarities to easily navigating differences in your relationships. No longer fear being yourself, as this tool fosters an environment where individuality and differentiation are the new norm in building meaningful connections.

The ‘Declaring SELF’ Tool: This tool will help you practice confidently expressing your wants, beliefs, and needs in a calm and neutral manner, without the need for external validation. By practicing declaring SELF, you will become comfortable with being your true self, lower your anxiety in relationships and effectively communicate to resolve conflicts and clear the air.

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A Self-Paced 6-Week Online Program

Early Bird Discount: $1599 $1399

Get instant access to Your New Road to SELF
for just  $1599 $1399

Expires June 17th

Early Bird Discount: $1599 $1399

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